Show #2 – The one where talk about branding and sing like Justin Timberlake!

This is the one where we talk about branding!

We start every show with at least one interesting thing that is happening in the marketing space this week, this week’s was SEO and Guest Posting. We dished about SEO’s demise and how guest posting is a very good way to gain great backlinks, but that Google will probably be cracking down. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a link to that interview BUT will keep our peepers open!

BUT we wanted to give you some great resources from Matt Cutts on Guest Posting for SEO and Backlinks:

Marketing and sales success show podcast number two

Now onto branding!

We started with our branding and how do we incorporate “Rexy”, our little dinosaur into our marketing.

How do you use your photos in your marketing?

Rebekah did sing “Bringing Rexy Back” and we had to apologize to Justin Timberlake for butchering his song.

>> Our brand new course just out this week! We break down all about how we picked the little people we used on our Perfect Customer Profile course.

Section Resources:

Deposit Photos

Our currently successful websites and

Getting sick of your branding and logos! Making all of your branding match up when you are an entrepreneur.

Using larger brands to increase your entrepreneur branding. How Barack Obama piggy backed off of the Pepsi logo.

How to make your logo.

What is your “person branding”.

Section Resources:

Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

Getting known as a “person branding”, but being very cognizant of how your brand is out there in the marketplace.

Choosing a color and using all kinds of that color in your marketing.

Section Resources:

Javelin Pen

How is branding working for large corporate companies?

Does making up words actually work in branding?

Do you love the Clydesdales as much as we do? Rebekah was about to break down over the Budweiser commercial honoring 9/11.

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